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LISTERS: Marilyn Lagrow, Don Green, Dave Davis

NOTICE - North Hero Listers to Begin Inspections

E911 Numbers Reminder

We are reminding town residents that E911 numbers should be posted at driveways and on houses.
These numbers should be visible from the road or driveway. Remember, emergency vehicles cannot help you if they cannot find you.

Property Tax Appeal

Appeals of assessed values may be made once every year in June. Appeals must be in writing and addressed to the listers office anytime after April 1st. Notifications of changes in appraisals are sent out at approximately the same time but only to those whose values have changed during the current year, or if there is a change in ownership. Dates for the appeals process are noted on the website and posted in the Islander and public notice boards.

Reminder to Residents

1. Annual filing of the Homestead Declaration with your Vermont taxes is required to receive resident status. Penalties exist for not filing on time.

2. Filing a Property Tax Adjustment Claim is necessary each year when filing your Vermont taxes to receive a state payment on your property taxes.

3. Property assessment cards can be reviewed for accuracy every year and appealed through the grievance process any time after April 1st.

Notice - Special Election

Petition Packet

Cyanobacteria Tracker

Cyanobacteria Levels
VT Dept. of Health

Monitoring Program

2019/20 Property Tax Rates

Drawbridge Replacement

Northwest Solid Waste District Transfer Station
362 West Shore Rd.
Information available at or 524-5986
Summer Hours:
Saturday 8am to 3pm
Winter Hours:
Starting October 12th
Saturday 8am to 2pm