North Hero is the island shire town (county seat) of Grand Isle County, Vermont. It is one of four towns comprising Vermont's "Lake Champlain Islands."

"The Island of North Hero is a place of broad lands, wide waters, far reaching views of blue distant mountains. There is a certain undefinable spell about it, for those who live here and for those who come to share it. It is a quietness, a sense of peace. Something about the Island, something that touches everyone. Perhaps it is because it is an Island, a separate world, a home. Perhaps it is the old farmhouses, the apple orchards, the water, the marshes, the meadows, the green woods, the tumbling peaks of the Adirondacks distant to the west and the Green Mountains thrusting up to the blue sky across the lake to the east. Perhaps it is a touch of mystery too, as one senses the vast amount of history that North Hero has been a part of." ~Allen L. Stratton

(Photos are graciously provided by & copyrighted by Raven Schwan-Noble,
resident of North Hero.)

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Northwest Solid Waste District Transfer Station
Located on West Shore Road
Summer Hours:
Friday 4pm to 7pm
Saturday 8am to 2pm
Winter Hours:
Saturday 8am to 2pm
Call 524-5986 for 'dump' information